Grand Slam Peaks Update March 22nd, 2017

The Grand Slam Peaks are all popular destinations this time of year. Here is a quick update based on my observations today and a recent Idaho Statesman article.

Cervidea: I hiked Cervidae this morning. The trail was damp but there was no mud. The wildflowers will be blooming soon. Saw a golden today.

Cervidea on 3/22/2017.

Kepros: Based on observation from Cervidea I believe you can expect snow in places along the ridge. The snow tends to hang out on the north sides of the dips in the approach ridge.

Kepros from Cervidea 3/22/2017.

Heinen: There is still a lot of snow left on the peak. The standard approach is likely to involve crossing a lot of rotten snow. The northern approach is probably not feasible at this time.

Heinen from Kerpos 3/22/2017.

Shaw Mountain/Lucky Peak: All approaches to the summit are CLOSED at present. The closure is to protect wildlife which are stressed as a result of last year’s fire. Read Chad Cripe’s article in the Idaho Statesman for additional details and links. At present there is no estimate date for reopening this area.

Shaw Mountain from Cervidea on 3/22/2017.