Two climbers descending the lower face. There a number of cliffs to skirt around on this route and enough lose rock to trip any climber up. Sheep Lake from the He Devil/She Devil Col. Peak 11967 and Idaho from White Cap Mountain. In the picture across the lake, Pk. 9,334 is on the right.  The route follows the left skyline over Pt. 8,960+.  Judi Steciak Photo East Face of North Raker. Ray Brooks Photo

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PhotoPeak NameMountain RangeElevationYearDescription
D.O. LeeWhite Cloud Mountains11,342 ft1989Climbing information for this 11er peak is found on page  222.
Named after Wilderness F ... read more
Danskin PeakBoise Mountains6,694 ft1988, 2008Danskin Peak is discussed on page 153.
Danskin Peak is the highest point in the read more
Decker PeakSawtooth Range10,702 ft1997This peak is found on page 183. 
One of the most popular peaks in the Sawtoot ... read more
Deep Creek PeakBannock Range8,748 ftClimbing information for this peak is discussed on page 354.
This is the highest point i ... read more
Devils Bedstead EastPioneer Mountains11,865 ft1989Climbing information for this 11er peak is found on page 245. Use this link to see read more
Devils Bedstead WestPioneer Mountains11,051 ft2001Climbing information for this 11er peak is found on page 244. read more
Devils ThroneSeven Devil Mountains9,280 ft1990This peak is found on pages 101 to 103.
The Devils Throne is a long way from Sheep Lake ... read more
Devils ToothSeven Devil Mountains7,760 ftThis formation is discussed on pages 98 and 99.
The Devils Tooth was first climbed in 1 ... read more
Diamond PeakLemhi Range12,197 ft1980Climbing information for Diamond Peak is found on page 308. 
Diamond Peak is located in ... read more
Diamond Ridge PeakWestern Salmon River Mountains8,618 ft2015This peak is not in the book.
Diamond Ridge Peak is the highest point on Diamond Ridge. It ... read more
Diamond RockWestern Salmon River Mountains8,460 ft2015This peak is not in the book.
Diamond Rock is a misnamed peak as it is not capped by an ... read more
Dickey PeakLost River Range11,141 ft1991This peak is found on pages 268 to 269.
Dickey Peak is probably the most popular peak in ... read more
Dietrich ButteSnake River Plain4,632 ft2017This large butte is located east of Shoshone and north of Dietrich, Idaho. The recent construction of two elec ... read more
Dog MountainBoise Mountains7,762 ftDog Mountain is not in the book.
Dog Mountain is the southernmost named Trinity Mountain ... read more
Don BenchmarkBoise Mountains5,691 ft2017This peak is not in the book.
Don Benchmark is an easy climb with exceptional views. The ... read more
Idaho 12er Donaldson PeakLost River Range12,023 ft1987, 2014This peak is found on page 278.
Donaldson Peak is located in the read more
Doyle MountainOwyhee Mountains6,170 ft2016This peak is not in the book. Also see the Owyhee Mo ... read more
Draney PeakPeale Mountains9,131 ftThis peak, the highest summit in the Webster Range, is not in the book.
Rick Baugher pro ... read more
Duncan PeakPioneer Mountains11,755 ft2003Duncan is found on page 248.
Duncan Peak is the highest point of Duncan Ridge. Although ... read more