These mountains are located east of Idaho Falls and north of the Snake River. Although designated as two separate ranges by the USGS map makers, the Big Hole and Snake River ranges are physically and geologically the same group of mountains. These mountains form a tangled web of ridges, streams, aspen thickets and meadows that rise out of the Snake … Continue reading

Mount Manning by Margo Mandella

Mt. Manning's gentle summit ridge. photo - Steve Mandella

This peak is not in the book. Mount Manning lies west of Driggs, Idaho, in the Big Hole Mountains within the Caribou-Targhee National Forest. The peak is easily accessed from Horseshoe Canyon, where a large parking lot is available just north of the peak. This lot is a popular staging area for hikers, mountain and dirt bikers, off-highway vehicle users, hunters, … Continue reading

Henderson Peak, by Margo Mandella

This peak is not in the book. Henderson Peak is located approximately 4 miles southeast of Garns Mountain in the Big Hole Mountain Range of the Caribou-Targhee National Forest. The summit provides great views of various Big Hole peaks, the City of Victor, and the Teton Mountains. The Big Hole Mountains, and especially trails that are readily accessible from Victor, … Continue reading

Garns Mountain

This peak is found on page 338. Garns Mountain is generally thought to be the highest point in the Big Hole Mountains. There is the possibility that Piney Peak is the highest point or at least of equal elevation. See the Garns Mountain, Piney Peak and Red Butte Traverse page for updated details on how to reach these three summit. Also, … Continue reading

Baldy Mountain

This peak is found on page 339. The second highest of four Idaho peaks named Baldy Mountain, this peak is the prominent peak rising up behind Swan Valley, Idaho. Larry Prescott and Scott and Jacob Gifford attempted the peak on January 2, 2015 on what would have constituted the first winter ascent of this peak. Although they were turned around … Continue reading

Temple Peak

This peak is not in the book. Temple Peak with a prominence of 639′, was calculated as the steepest of the 19 peaks in Teton County, Idaho by Tim Worth. Rick Baugher has climbed this peak. The following his his trip report. This mountain is one of several located in the core area of the Big Hole Mountains. A quick glance … Continue reading

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