Selway Crags / Wounded Doe Ridge

The Selway Crags are found at the southern edge of the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness Area. (This rugged area is discussed in the book beginning on page 64.) This region contains the most extensively glaciated peaks in the central Clearwater Mountains. It is vertical country which is not crowded and is well worth a visit. Chimney Peak and Fenn Mountain are most … Continue reading

Bear Mountain 7184 by Dan Saxton

This Clearwater peak is found on page 68. Thanks to Dan Saxton for the following update. This is a bit of a long, but relatively easy trail hike from the Jerry Johnson Hot Springs area. The lower part of the trail goes through a lush forest but higher up enters a burned area where entire slopes were razed – quite … Continue reading

Grave Peak By Dan Saxton

This peak is found on page 68.¬†Grave Peak is an impressive summit topped by a fire lookout. Thanks to Dan Saxton for the following route information and photos. Perhaps the most scenic way to approach Grave Peak is from the north, the Tom Beal Park area. Starting at the Walton Lakes TH (at 7,000′!), follow the small path south up … Continue reading

Moose Creek Buttes by Dan Saxton

This peak is found on pages 63 and 64. The Moose Creek Butte area has been a mythical area from me ever since I learned about the area from Sheldon Bluestein 30 years ago. Mythical because of its Shangrala type remoteness and reported beauty. A big thanks to Dan Saxton for providing the following report and photos which significantly update … Continue reading

Hidden Peak

A seldom visited summit in the middle of the Selway Bitterroot Wilderness. Although trails lead to its summit, it’s a long NF walk. The Forest Service states: Hidden Peak Lookout tower is located in the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness at an elevation of 7,826 feet. The present 10-foot concrete base topped with an R-6 cab was placed there in 1961, three years … Continue reading

Chimney Peak

This peak is discussed on page 65. It takes a lot of effort to drive to the Selway Crags from just about any place. The access road alone has a record number of water bars to slow you down. The trails do not see much maintenance. The peaks do not rival the lofty summits of eastern Idaho. Is it worth … Continue reading

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