Chesterfield Range

The Chesterfield Range, an extension of the Blackfoot Mountains, is located between the Blackfoot River basin to the northeast and the upper Portneuf River Valley to the southeast. To the south, the Chesterfield Range is separated from the Soda Springs Hills by Tenmile Pass. This minor escarpment is roughly 30 miles in length and is composed of a series of parallel ridges with … Continue reading

Chesterfield Range High Point

Rick Baugher is the only person I know who has visited this summit. Rick’s notes are set out below. On 11/3/11 I drove to the Chesterfield townsite, where some neat old brick LDS buildings are preserved. From here, rode dirt bike NE toward 24 Mile Reservoir. Parked at end of 2 track. Starting at 6150′ ascend rib NE in dense brush … Continue reading