Danskin Mountains

The Danskin Mountains are a complex subrange of the Boise Mountain. These peaks are discussed on pages 152 and 153. The subrange is bordered by the South Fork Salmon River along its northern flank and the Snake River Plain to its south. it is mostly treeless. Danskin Peak is the highest point in this subrange. This web site covers many … Continue reading

Cathedral Rocks

This peak is not in the book. Erik Pohlmann provided the beta for this peak.  This peak, named Cathedral Rocks, is located due east of Danskin Peak and west of the South Fork Boise River. The formation contains several imposing towers, the highest of which has over 280 feet of prominence. Despite its impressive dimensions it has been ignored by … Continue reading

Peak 5913

This peak is not in the book. Peak 5913 is the tallest Danskin Mountains peak in the east end of the range. Its summit ridge is capped by a small rock outcropping. The peak sits in the middle of the main Danskin crest which trends from southeast to northwest and forms the southern wall of the spectacular South Fork Boise … Continue reading

Peak 5580

This peak is not in the book. The summit of Peak 5580 offers a lot of viewing enjoyment which can be quickly secured by a short, steep walk.. The peak is a grass covered mountain which drops away significantly on all sides. You can observe a huge swath of the eastern Danskin Mountains as well as the South Fork Canyon … Continue reading

Peak 4973

This peak is not in the book. Peak 4973 is the westernmost peak in the Danskin Mountains. The peak sits just east of Lucky Peak Reservoir. Kepros Peak is located to the northeast and Peak 5380 is found east, southeast of this summit. I was told that a few people have boated across the reservoir and climbed the peak’s western … Continue reading

Don Benchmark

This peak is not in the book. Don Benchmark is an easy climb with exceptional views. The peak is located just north of ID-21. Access the peak via the Pony Creek Road, FS-131 [(E)(1)], which leaves ID-20 15.5 miles north of Mountain Home. This road parallels the peak’s western slopes. Ascend these slopes from any point along the 0.5 miles … Continue reading

Peak 5740

This peak is not in the book. Peak 5740 sits due west of Little Camas Reservoir and just north of ID-20 where it crosses Windy Gap. The nearly treeless peak is an easy ascent from Windy Gap. You will find a pull out on the north side of the highway just east of the top of the pass. A road … Continue reading

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