Grass Mountains

The Grass Mountains Range is located northeast of New Meadows and east of US-93 in the Payette National Forest. The Goose Creek/Hazard Lake Road parallels the east side of this subrange. This convoluted divide trends from north to south for roughly 16 miles and encompasses several mountain lakes and bald ridgelines that offer scenic vistas and good hiking. In the … Continue reading

Peak 8071

This peak is not in the book. This peak, which has slightly less than 300 feet of prominence, is located southwest of the Grass Mountains High Point (HP). Peak 8071 is a short  stroll from that peak. Use the direction on the Grass Mountains HP page to get to the west side of the high point. From the saddle, keen eyes … Continue reading

Bally Mountain

This peak is not in the book. l do not know much about this peak but it appears that there is a trail leading to its summit.  The peak is located northwest of Goose Lake and Granite Mountain.The trail to the summit, FST-166, is 1.75 miles long with 1,200 feet of elevation gain. From New Meadows drive north for 4.0 … Continue reading

Peak 8156 (Grassy Twin Peak)

This peak is not in the book. This attractive Payette National Forest peak sits directly south of Hard Peak and Grassy Mountain Lakes to the north and Grass Mountains High Point and Frog Lake to the south. The peak’s granite-encrusted north face drops precipitously to the Grassy Mountain Lakes. The peak can be most easily accessed from the trail that crosses the Grass … Continue reading

Peak 8180 (Grass Mountains High Point)

This peak is not in the book. Grass Mountains High Point (Peak 8180) is the highest point of the Grass Mountains Range and is located just south of Peak 8156 (Grassy Twin Peak) and Frog Lake. The recommended route is a ridge traverse from the trail that crosses the Grass Mountains crest and can be easily accessed from the trail … Continue reading

Hard Peak

This peak is not in the book. Hard Peak (called Hard BM on the Lists of John website) is not to be confused with Hard Butte which is several miles to the north. This summit can be climbed via the Grass Mountain trail which is accessed via FS-257, the Goose Lake/ Hazard Lake Road. Page 134 in the book. Follow … Continue reading

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