Malad Range

The Malad Range iis a Great Basin limestone uplift that straddles the Utah-Idaho border. It is tucked into the western slopes of the Bannock Range just east of 1-15. The southern end of the range extends into Utah, where it reaches over 8,000 feet in elevation. Boundaries of the range include Malad Valley on the west, ID Hwy 36 thru Weston … Continue reading

Peak 7047

This peak is not in the book. Rick Baugher’s Trip Report follows: For quite a while I assumed station ‘Dalam’ 7005/505′ overlooking Malad City was the highest peak of the Malad Range in Idaho. Dalam, by the way, is a cute surveyor spelling of Malad backwards. Subsequent investigation showed another ranked Idaho Malad peak was higher. On 3/28/12 I drove up Dry … Continue reading