The Clearwaters are Idaho’s largest mountain grouping and cover most of north central Idaho. These mountains are formed mostly of Idaho Batholith granite, covered in places by scattered deposits of older sedimentary and metamorphic rocks that have yet to erode away. During the Pleistocene ice age alpine glaciers carved cirques and lake basins into the sides of higher Clearwater peaks. … Continue reading

Bitterroot Mountains

The Bitterroot Mountains are covered in the book from page 82 through page 94. Please check those pages for additional information. The Bitterroot Mountains are a group of mountains primarily created by map makers and not by fault blocking or granitic intrusions. The map makers’ creation combines parts of the Coeur d’Alene and Clearwater Mountains to form a long narrow … Continue reading

Sheep Mountain Range

The Sheep Mountain Range is located northeast of the town of Headquarters and is situated inside a major bend in the North Fork of the Clearwater River. This minor Clearwater subrange is eight miles long and four miles wide. Eagle Point, at 5,709 feet, is the highest point in this heavily roaded and logged area.

Shoshone Range

The Shoshone Range is a small subrange which is tucked into the west side of the Bitterroot Mountains northeast of Kellogg. This small, north-to-south trending range is roughly I2 miles long and 5 miles in width. It is separated from the Coeur d’Alene Mountains on the west by the Coeur d’Alene River and from the Bitterroot by Big Creek and … Continue reading

Hoodoo Mountains and the Palouse Range

This minor group of Clearwater summits is separated from the main body of Clearwater peaks to the east by the Saint Maries River. The range is oval-shaped and runs from the river west to the Washington/Idaho border, north to Lake Coeur d’Alene and south to Potlatch. Hoodoo summits are low and rounded and for the most part forested. The highest … Continue reading

Little Goat Mountains

The Little Goat Mountains re a petite subrange of the Clearwater Mountains. The range is located north of Dworshak Reservoir and is roughly 7 miles by 4 miles in size. These granite-based peaks have a northwest-to-southeast orientation and reach their highest point at Blackdome Peak, 6,412 feet. The range has one mountain lake located on the east side of the … Continue reading

Mount Coeur d’Alene

This peak is not in the book. Mount Coeur d’Alene is located approximately 9 miles southeast of the city of Couer d’Alene in the Coeur d’Alene National Forest. Mount Coeur d’Alene’s tree covered summit is reached by both trail and road. Google Maps provides driving directions to the former fire lookout site at the summit. The Caribou Ridge National Recreation Trail will … Continue reading

East Moscow Mountain

Climbing information for East Moscow Mountain, the lower eastern summit of the Palouse Range highpoint, Moscow Mountain of the Palouse is found on page 60. East Moscow Mountain sits roughly 1.5 miles directly east of Moscow Mountain. The summit is located on a sliver public land and accessed by roads that cross through private land. These access routes have not … Continue reading

Peak 7682

This peak is not in the book. Peak 7682 sits roughly 1.0 miles northeast of Peak 7714, the Boundary County High Point. Access is via the trail that crosses the connecting ridge between the two peaks. Class 2 USGS Topo: Pyramid Peak … Continue reading

Blue Mountain

This peak is not in the book. Blue Mountain is located in the Priest Lake State Forest and has 242 feet of prominence. It is one of four peaks that are accessible from the Schweitzer Mountain ski resort. The other three peaks all have greater than 300 feet of prominence but no names. Use the link below to the Hike North … Continue reading

Silver Dollar Peak

Climbing information for this peak is found on pages 39-40 Silver Dollar Peak is an impressive summit with four ridges and three large faces. The peak is located in the Selkirk Mountain Range in the Kaniksu National Forest. The Climbing Guide describes a Class 3 route to the summit and a technical route on the peak’s west ridge. Use the … Continue reading

Long Mountain (Peak 7265)

Climbing information for this peak is found on page 37. Long Mountain is an attractive peak with a long summit ridge that is located in the Selkirk Crest Management Area within the Kaniksu National Forest. The peak sits on the divide located between Long Creek and Parker Creek. Use the link below to the Hike North Idaho website for a … Continue reading

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