The Owyhee Mountains are an incredible mountain uplands that are still mostly unknow to most climbers. The range was forced up by the Owyhee Batholith 40 million years ago. Some geologists believe that Owyhee Granite is part of the Idaho Batholith, isolated from the main batholith by the passage of the Yellowstone hotspot. Much of the range’s granite is covered … Continue reading

Bald Mountain 6719

This peak is not in the book. This “Bald” Mountain (one of 33 ranked peaks in Idaho with “bald” as part of its name) is located at the southeastern end of the Owhyee Mountains, approximately 38 miles southwest of Mountain Home, Idaho. The peak has two summits, with the northernmost the tallest. You will find excellent views in every direction … Continue reading

Peak 5591

This peak is not in the book. Peak 5591 sits just south of Federal Butte and southwest of Murphy, Idaho. The peak can be approached from Murphy from the Silver City Road but is best accessed from the west via Moores Creek. I climbed Peak 5591 from Moores Creek in conjunction with a climb of Federal Butte. See the Federal … Continue reading

Federal Butte

This peak is not in the book. Federal Butte sits southwest of Murphy, Idaho. The peak juts out from the higher peaks to the south, giving it a nice 360 degree view, which encompasses a huge swath of southwestern Idaho. This peak is Class 2 from almost any direction. Access The peak can be approached from Murphy and ID-78 from … Continue reading

Peak 4827

This peak is not in the book. One of the most inconspicuous Owyhee Mountains peaks, this rounded summit is located just west of US-95. There are nice views from the summit and it would make a nice destination for mountain bikers. To reach the peak drive 16.1 miles south of the ID-55/US-95 junction (just east of Marsing, Idaho) and turn … Continue reading

Windy Point

This peak is not in the book. Also see the Owyhee Mountains Peaks List for all of the peaks in this range. Windy Point is a distinctive peak Owyhee Mountains summit that is easily visible from ID-78. Although the peak has only 259 feet of prominence it sits at the north end of a long, complicated ridgeline which is topped by Peak … Continue reading

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