The Portneuf Range, which begins east of Blackfoot and extends southeast for 60 miles, is broken by the Portneuf River, which cuts through it at Lava Hot Springs. The northern section of the range begins along the Blackfoot River and gradually climbs up to the summits of North and South Putnam mountains. Moving south, the crest undulates, reaching its highest … Continue reading

Camelback Mountain

This Pocatello area peak is not in the book. Camelback Mountain sits due east of Pocatello, and north of Chinese Peak, in the appropriately named Pocatello Range. From Pocatello’s West Bench, the peak looks like a camel laying down, with its “head” the far-most right bump in the photo and its summit on the middle bump. The peak is located on … Continue reading

Peak 6180

This Pocatello area peak is not in the book. Peak 6180 is located southeast of Pocatello and east of I-15 at the southern end of the Pocatello Range. Rapid Creek is located along the east and north sides of the peak, and Sorrelle Canyon lies on the west side. Peak 5932 is located just west of 6180. Peak 6180 is located … Continue reading

Peak 6361

This peak is not in the book. Peak 6361 and it’s popular Pocatello Mountain Range neighbor, Chinese Peak, rise up over east Pocatello and can be reached by various routes that cross over its summit. The two most popular are the ATV track that links it with Chinese Peak and the road system that follows Blackrock Canyon to the saddle … Continue reading

Mount Moh

This peak is not in the book. Mount Moh is located south of Lava Hot Springs, Idaho, in the Portneuf Mountain Range, which is capped by Sedgwick Peak. Mount Moh has along north-south trending summit ridge with an electronics facility in a north and its highest point is found on the south end of the ridge. The road to the electronics … Continue reading

Baldy Mountain

This peak is not in the book. Baldy Mountain sits two miles south of Sedgwick Peak. The road to Sedgwick passes just below the peak’s summit. See the Sedgwick page for the complicated access to this peak. Class 1+ USGS Topo: Sedgwich Peak … Continue reading

South Putnam Mountain by Ken Jones

This peak is found on page 360. South Putnam is located north of Mount Bonneville. Ken Jones provided the following update: Ascent Trip Report I hoped to drive to 7080′, but the road is closed at about the “24” in Section 24 on the map. It is washed out, gated, and posted against “motorized or mechanized” vehicles – so no … Continue reading

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