The Sawtooth Range is extensivley covered in the book from pages 156 to 210 and the Sawtooth Ranges interesting climbing history is covered inmthe Climbing History section of the book. The range is the home of Idaho mountaineering and is the best-known of Idaho’s many mountain ranges. The range is an extremely rugged collection of granite peaks and alpine lakes … Continue reading

Peak 9475 and the Kong

Peak 9475 sits directly west of Peak 9760, which is found in the book at page 198. I do not have the exact latitude and longitude coordinates for this small peak. Therefore, I have included the coordinates for Peak 9760 to get you to the correct spot. The Kong formation is located on the western slopes of Peak 9475. These … Continue reading

Peak 9918

This peak is not in the book. Peak 9918 is located west of Glenns Peak on a ridgeline that runs west northwest from Glenns to Peak 9930. The first ascent was up the east face by Bob Boyles and friends. Bob reports, “Peak 9918 feet in the Tenlake Creek drainage by Ardeth Lake. We put an easy 5.4 route right … Continue reading

Peak 10300

This peak is not in the book. There is always something new to discover about Idaho’s mountains. This peak sits just east of the highest Sawtooth Peak, Thompson Peak, but I have never found any one who has climbed it. The peak has a respectable 360 feet of prominence but is overshadowed by Thompson Peak. Another mystery peak? Please let … Continue reading

Peak 9345 (Frenchman Peak)

This peak and North Frenchman peak which is also discussed herein are not in the book. Frenchman Peak and North Frenchman Peak, 9139, are located at the southern end of ┬áthe Sawtooth Range on the west side of Frechman Creek. The peaks are the two highest points on a scenic, mostly tree covered north-south ridge line that can be easily … Continue reading

Peak 9,997

This peak is not in the book. Judi Steciak and Carl Hamke submitted the following information. This attractive Sawtooth peak sits just South of Peak 10,027 and due east of Perfect Peak at the head of Cabin Creek. The peak is three feet shy of 10,000 feet, so if someone built a large cairn some might classifly it a 10er. … Continue reading

Peak 10220

This peak which encompasses the Goat, Eagle and Chimpmunk Perches is found on page 180. This peak sits just west of the Elephants Perch. The more famous Goat, Eagle and Chimpmunk Perches are located on its northern slopes.   … Continue reading

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