The Smoky Mountains are located on the west side of the Wood River Valley, the home of Ketchum and Sun Valley. The range extends south from the Sawtooth Range 40 miles to the flats of the Camas Prairie. The range’s ten thousand foot peaks are all located north of Ketchum and all but one, Big Peak, is located on the … Continue reading

Peak 9863 (Bronco Peak)

This peak is not in the book. Peak 9863 sits just east of Prairie Creek Peak. Tom Cox climbed this peak with his family on Father’s Day 2015 and found no sigh of a prior climb. Use the link below to read his trip report and learn the details. The peak is Class 2 from the saddle between it and … Continue reading

Peak 10158 (Shadow Peak)

This peak is not in the book. Peak 10158 is located on the main Smoky Mountain crest between Peak 10337 and Prairie Creek Peak. Specifically, it is 2.5 miles west northwest of Norton Peak and is found on the Norton Peak USGS Quad. The recommended name is Shadow Peak. Dan Robbins told me about the peak and said “even Rick … Continue reading

Peak 10337

This unnamed Smokey Mountain peak sits just south of Saviers Peak on the main crest. It is not found in the book. This peak is the highest point in Camas County. Climb the peak from ID-75 via Owl Creek, (A)(2) (see page 213). Dan Robbins provided the following route information. See his trip report. From the end of Owl Creek … Continue reading

Peak 10171

This peak is not in the book. The following information was provided by Judi Steciak. This peak is located 1.1 miles ESE of Norton Peak. Judi notes it “has been visited for many years, as evident by the 1960’s era beer cans on the summit.” USGS Galena Southwest Ridge (Class 3) From the parking area [(A) (4) (c)], walk up … Continue reading

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