Trinity Mountains

The name Trinity Mountains refers to a rugged north/south ridgeline that runs from Dog Mountain (just above Anderson Ranch Reservoir) to Sheep Mountain (just north of the Middle Fork Boise River). The name was used by miners but has not been officially adopted by the government. Trinity Mountain is the highest point on this ridge at 9,451 feet. Other notable … Continue reading

Peak 9140

This peak is not in the book. This peak sits southeast of Trinity Mountain and Big Rainbow Lake. The peak has two summits of almost equal height. The easternmost summit is allegedly five feet higher than the western summit according to the USGS? It’s hard to tell which is higher. Climb the peak from the road that leads up to … Continue reading

Peak 9165

This peak is not the book. This unnamed Peak is the 3rd highest summit in the Trinity Mountains subrange. The peak can be climbed from almost any direction but based on access considerations, I sugget the route whick leaves the road that leads to the Trinity Mountain fire lookout at the 9200 foot contour. From this point, you can traverse … Continue reading

Peak 8889

This peak is not in the book. This interesting and unnamed Trinity Mountains summit┬ásits just east of the Fiddlers Perch and north of Trinity Mountain. I have not climbed the peak but it looks to be an easy climb (at least till you reach the summit area which is festooned with towers) from FST-174 which runs between Trinity Lakes and … Continue reading

Peak 8554

This peak is not in the book. Class 2. This Trinity Mountains peak is located roughly 1.5 miles due west of Trinity Mountain and 1.0 miles southwest of Peak 9037. The peak can easily be climbed from the Trinity Mountain Road [(E)(2.2)] from numerous points. I climbed the peak via its northeast ridge. This ridge is easily reached by a … Continue reading

Peak 9183 (Fiddlers Perch)

This peak is not in the book. Class 2. This peak is just to the north of Trinity Mountain. It rises up just over 300 feet from the connecting saddle. Lists of John uses the name “Fiddler’s Perch” but does not identify the origin of the name. There was no register on the summit, only six foot plus cairns. Climb … Continue reading

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