ACCESS UPDATES: Click For Updates The White Knob Mountains are a compact group of sedimentary peaks located west of Mackay. The range’s west to east trending crest is about 30 miles in length and 10 miles in width. The East Fork Big Lost River and the Big Lost River almost completely encircle the White Knob Mountains, forming the range’s southern, … Continue reading

Peak 11163 (North Cabin Mountain)

North Cabin Mountain from Lime Mountain.

This peak is identified as Cabin Mountain’s northern summit in the book at page 263. Peak 11163 is the northern summit of Cabin Mountain. It is also known as North Cabin Mountain. The peak lies in the White Knob Mountains in the Challis National Forest. The shortest route to the summit is via Corral Creek Road on the west side of … Continue reading

Peak 8909 (Stani Peak)

Rick Baugher filed this report on a small peak on the main crest of the White Knob Mountains, Custer County, Idaho. This 8909′ sagebrush mountain with 329′ prominence is located between Sheep Mountain 9649′, and Big Flat Top (Alder Knob) 9380′.  USGS Big Blind Canyon “On 6/6/12 I was desperate to find a new peak in my local area. There had been a … Continue reading

Castle Rock (Peak)

This peak is found on page 262. This peak which sits south of the main east/west White Knob crest is the most impressive peak in the range. Probably due to its low elevation it has not received any attention from climbers. I walked right by it on the day I climbed Porphyry Peak. With the wisdom of hindsight, I know … Continue reading

Redbird Mountain

Climbing information for this peak is found on pages  263 to 264. This Idaho 11er is the 74th highest Idaho summit and it is only five feet shorter than its neighbor, Shelly Mountain, the highest White Knob Mountains summit. Use the links below for more recent trip reports.   … Continue reading

Shelly Mountain by Matt Durrant

Route information for climbing this Idaho 11er from Antelope Pass is found on page 264. Matt Durrant supplied the additional information and East Ridge route description found below. At 11,278 ft. Shelly Mountain is the highest summit in the White Knob Mountains of Central Idaho. It is also the 65th highest mountain in Idaho. Shelly is a beautiful and symmetrical peak … Continue reading

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