Peak 9631 (Peanut Peak)

Elevation: 9,631 ft
Prominence: 491

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This peak is not in the book.

Peanut Peak is best climbed via its Class 2 Southwest Ridge, which is accessed from Hyndman Creek Trail [(B)(2)(b) on Page 259]. I climbed the peak from the northeast while on a backcountry patrol for the Forest Service in 1978. The Southwest Ridge is by far the shortest route. The view to the main Pioneer Mountains Crest is more than worth the effort. I am not sure where the name “Peanut Peak” originated. USGS Hyndman Peak

The Pioneer Crest from the summit of the Peanut. From left to right: Goat (in the distance), Duncan, Hyndman, Old Hyndman, Cobb,, McIntyre, Jaqueline and Paymaster. Grant Brill Photo

The Pioneer Mountains Crest as viewed from the summit of Peanut Peak. From left to right: Goat Mountain (in the distance), Duncan Peak, Hyndman Peak, Old Hyndman Peak, Cobb Peak, McIntyre Peak, Jacqueline Peak and Paymaster Peak. Grant Brill Photo


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Mountain Range: Pioneer Mountains

Year Climbed: 1978

Longitude: -114.16449   Latitude: 43.72129

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