Point 10,080: White Line Fever by Matthew Ward

Ky Hart and I climbed a probable new mixed route on an unnamed point (10,080 ft) in Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountains. It’s the Eastern-most point on the ridge leading East from Thompson Peak.

White Line Fever. Matthew Ward Photo

Four pitches of mixed climbing up to M5 brought us to a false summit where we were shocked to find a beautiful water ice pillar tucked into a gulley on the North Face. Finding something like this was something I’ve dreamed about since the day I swung my first ice tools!

After climbing the wild pillar more pitches of steep snow and easy rock brought us to the summit.

We named the route White Line Fever.
9 pitches, M5 WI6, 1100 feet

This was a spectacular peak that doesn’t appear to have any non-technical routes to the summit. Nor could I find any information on previous ascents. That’s pretty unlikely in the Sawtooths so if anyone knows any of the history on this peak I’d love to hear about it!