War Eagle Mountain 8051 by Margo Mandella

War Eagle Mountain. Steve Mandella photo.

Climbing and access information for this peak is found on page 345. Also see the Owyhee Mountains Peaks List for all of the peaks in this range. Published September 2019 South Approach War Eagle Mountain has a patchy combination of public land (managed by the Bureau of Land Management) and private land used by mining and communications companies. In spite … Continue reading

Peak 9743 (Waterfall Creek Peak)

Waterfall Creek Peak looking up the northwest ridge. Dave Pahlas Photo

This peak is not in the book. Thanks to Dave Pahlas for the route information. His trip report is linked below. Published September 2019 Peak 9743 is located between Aggipah Mountain and Sheepeater Mountain on the west side of Ship Island Lake. USGS Topo: Mount McGuire Access Access this peak from Ship Island Lake [(H)(4.1.1)(a),(a.2) and (a.2.1) pages 143 to … Continue reading

Peak 8401 (Majers Peak)

Peak 8401 viewed from near Cougar Saddle. John Platt Photo

This peak is not in the book. Published September 2019 Peak 8401 is located northeast of McCall and Payette Lake near Cougar Lake. This peak is another remote Lick Creek Subrange summit. Like many Lick Creek Subrange peaks, this peak is capped by a granite formation that increases the difficulty of reaching the highest point. USGS Access The long journey … Continue reading

Feltham Creek Point.

Feltham Creek Point viewed from the north.

This peak is not the book. Published September 2019 Feltham Creek Point is located roughly 21 miles northwest of Stanley. This peak is a former fire lookout site. The view from the summit is exceptional and includes the Sawtooths and Cabin Creek Peak. USGS Pinyon Peak. Access and Route, Class 1 Leave ID-21 18.0 miles east of Stanley by turning … Continue reading