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Climbers like lists of peaks. The Idaho 12ers List is undoubtedly the most popular and the most climbed list of Idaho peaks. It is also the smallest list. Idaho’s County High Point List is probably 2nd in popularity. I am not sure how many people have finished the list but it’s a list that has a lot of people attempting to finish it. 4 climbers have completed the list of Idaho 11ers. Clearly, the 11er list with its 117 high peaks is an extremely challenging list of peaks and is more difficult than the first 2 lists. In my opinion, the most difficult list is Tim Worth’s list of Idaho’s 500 steepest peaks. This list will take you all over the State and to the summit of some of Idaho’s most difficult summits like Chimney Rock, Knuckle Peak/Fishfin Ridge, Warbonnett Peak and the ultimate Idaho summit, North Raker. The newest list is Tim Worth’s listing of the Steepest Peak in each Idaho County. It has its share of tough summits but is a list that is within reach of many climbers.


Idaho 12ers

Idaho 12ers Page

Idaho 11ers


Lists of John Idaho 2Pk Peak List

Idaho County Most Prominent Peaks by Rob Kleffner


Idaho’s 500 Steepest Peaks by Tim Worth

Steepest Peak in Each Idaho County by Tim Worth

Idaho Summits with the Steepest Lines by Tim Worth

Idaho Summits with Steepest Lines by County by Tim Worth


Idaho County High Points by Andy Martin

Idaho County Most Prominent Peaks by Rob Kleffner

Steepest Peak in Each Idaho County by Tim Worth


Highest Peak in Each Idaho Range or Subrange

Bitterroot Peaks: Clark Fork River to Lookout Pass

Bitterroot Peaks: Lookout Pass to Lolo Pass

Bitterroot Border Peaks: Lolo Pass to Nez Perce Pass

Bitterroot Peaks: Nez Perce Pass to Lost Trail Pass

Oywhee Mountains Peaks

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Mega Goals by Rick Baugher

Dave Pahlas’ Favorite Peaks

Dave Pahlas’ White Cloud Peak List

John Platt’s Favorite Peaks

Dan Robbins’ Favorite Peaks