* Peaks listed in Elevation order; highest to lowest
PhotoPeak NameMountain RangeElevationProminenceYearDescription
The Twin Falls County High Point. Dan Robbins Photo Point 7860 Twin Falls County HPSnake River Plain7,860 ft120This point is not in the book. Published April, 2018
Point 7860 is the high point of Twi ... read more
Big Southern ButteSnake River Plain7,550 ft23902018Big Southern Butte is the highest and largest volcanic cone in the Snake River Plain. At 300,000 years old and ... read more
Big Cinder ButteSnake River Plain6,515 ft6452015This volcanic cone is located in Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve. There are numerous ... read more
Sunset ConeSnake River Plain6,410 ft2015Sunset Cone is located east of read more
Silent ConeSnake River Plain6,357 ft2015Silent Cone is located west of the Craters of the Moon visitor center and is best reached from the Splatter Co ... read more
Grassy ConeSnake River Plain6,315 ft2015This small, nondescript Butte sits just north of USA-93 just east of the main entrance into Craters of the Moo ... read more
Triplet ButteSnake River Plain6,030 ft400This peak is not in the book.
Idaho is so big that practically no one has the time to vi ... read more
North Laidlaw ButteSnake River Plain5,912 ftSheldon Blustein's web page on this butte is the definitive guide to what he rightly points out is a "world-cl ... read more
The highest point in the Timmerman Hills is this cone shaped point. Timmerman HillSnake River Plain5,736 ft5662018The Timmerman Hills are located on the north edge of the Snake River Plain. ID-75 forms the western boundary o ... read more
Wedge ButteSnake River Plain5,706 ft637Wedge Butte sits on the northern edge of the Snake River Plain just east of ID-75. It is a distinctive summit ... read more
North Menan ButteSnake River Plain5,619 ftNorth Menan Butte is located in the eastern end of the Snake River Plain. The BLM maintains a trail to the sum ... read more
Mosby ButteSnake River Plain5,498 ftMosby Butte served as a fire lookout at least as early as 1935 and into the 1950s. A road leads to its summit ... read more
Salmon ButteSnake River Plain5,389 ft3192016Salmon Butte is located west of Rodgerson, Idaho, and US-93. This volcanic remnant on the southern edge of the ... read more
Summit Block of Table Legs Butte. Photo - Steve Mandella. Table Legs Butte by Margo MandellaSnake River Plain5,385 ft335Table Legs Butte is located approximately 3 miles southeast of Atomic City, Idaho, on public land managed by t ... read more
Peak 5273Snake River Plain5,273 ft4032018Peak 5273 is a rugged Snake River Plain butte that sits due east of read more
Pillar ButteSnake River Plain5,261 ftSheldon Blustein provides the definitive guide to this butte which is the source of the immense Wapi volcanic ... read more
Bear Den ButteSnake River Plain5,104 ftThis butte, the highest pount in Minidoka County is not in the book.
Bear Den Butte is l ... read more
Kimama ButteSnake River Plain5,074 ftKimama Butte is a former BLM a fire lookout site. As best I can tell it was manned during the summer from 1937 ... read more
Kinzie ButteSnake River Plain4,950 ft1979This volcanic cone is not found in the book and is not part of any mountain range. It is found on the Snak ... read more
Wildhorse Butte 4915Snake River Plain4,915 ft3452017Wildhorse Butte is located southwest of Craters of Moon National Monument and west of the Carey Kimama Desert ... read more
Sid ButteSnake River Plain4,775 ft4302017Sid Butte is located 25 miles east, southeast of Shoshone, Idaho and south of ID-24. While not excessively ste ... read more
Dietrich ButteSnake River Plain4,632 ft4422017This large butte is located east of Shoshone and north of Dietrich, Idaho. The recent construction of two elec ... read more
Crater ButteSnake River Plain4,432 ft1572017This Snake River Plain feature is amazingly unknown to most Idahoans. While the butte has only 157 feet of pro ... read more
The summit of Notch Butte. Notch ButteSnake River Plain4,335 ft3501979Notch Butte is located just southeast of Shoshone, Idaho. The building on the summit  was once a fire lookout ... read more
Flat Top Butte 4297Snake River Plain4,297 ft3622017This Flat Top Butte is located in Jerome county northeast of the junction of US-93 and ID-25. The butte's summ ... read more
Peak 4008 (Jackson School Butte)Snake River Plain4,008 ft2016This peak is not in the book.
This Snake River Plain butte is located northeast of Mount ... read more
Lockman ButteSnake River Plain3,790 ft2016This Snake River Plain butte is not in the book.
Lockman Butte is located north of Mount ... read more
Big Foot ButteSnake River Plain3,535 ft3902015This peak is not in the book. Published October, 2015
Big Foot Butte is a large basalt b ... read more
Cinder Cone ButteSnake River Plain3,426 ft2015Cinder Cone Butte is a large cinder cone which can be spotted south of Interstate 84 near exit 74. There are s ... read more
Sinker ButteSnake River Plain3,421 ftSinker Butte is located south of the Snake River by Idaho Power's Swan Falls Dam. The dam is reached by a pave ... read more
Kuna ButteSnake River Plain3,263 ft2015Kuna Butte is a large volcanic formation located just south of Kuna, Idaho on the west side of the Swan Falls ... read more
Initial Point ButteSnake River Plain3,240 ftInitial Point is a small volcanic rememnant that rises roughly 350 feet out of the Snake River Plain eight mil ... read more
Guffey ButteSnake River Plain3,130 ft4802018Guffey Butte is located along the the Snake River southwest of Kuna, Idaho. This small butte has excellent pav ... read more
Pickles ButteSnake River Plain3,084 ft2016
  • This peak is not in the book.

Pickles Gutte is the highest point ... read more
Coyote ButteSnake River Plain3,051 ft2015Coyote Butte is a minor volcanic cone located roughly 3.5 miles south of read more
Peak 2887 (Montini Volcano)Snake River Plain2,887 ftThis peak is not in the book.
This peak, unofficially named Montini Volcano, is located ... read more
The Snake River PlainSnake River Plain0 ftThe Snake River Plain is the largest contiguous geologic feature in Idaho. The Plain forms a large crescent st ... read more