Silent Cone

Elevation: 6,357 ft

Silent Cone is located west of the Craters of the Moon visitor center and is best reached from the Splatter Cones parking lot. Follow the trail that leads to Big Craters to the view point above the first crater. Shortly after this point you can leave the trail and descend to the northwest down a sagebrush covered slope to the lava field that sits between the crater and Silent Cone.

The slopes leading from the lava flow to the summit is covered by sagebrus, pine and juniper trees and is open in nature and easy to traverse. Please take care of this pristine environment and watch out for rattle snakes.

Silent Cone viewed from the southwest.

Silent Cone viewed from the southwest.

Mountain Range: Snake River Plain

Year Climbed: 2015

Longitude: -113.57089   Latitude: 43.44459

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