* Peaks listed in Elevation order; highest to lowest
PhotoPeak NameMountain RangeElevationProminenceYearDescription
Oxford PeakBannock Range9,300 ft40022016This p2k peak is found on page 356. Matt Durrant supplied the following detailed standard route information ... read more
Elkhorn MountainBannock Range9,095 ftThis peak is found on page 356.
Elkhorn Peak is the most impressive read more
Old Tom MountainBannock Range8,733 ftThis peak is found on page 356.
Please be advised that there is a major typo in the book ... read more
Scout MountainBannock Range8,710 ftThis peak is found on page 356.
Scout Mountain is probably the most visited summit in th ... read more
Peak 8037 Southeast of Scout Mountain Goodenough Peak (a.k.a. Peak 8037) by Margo MandellaBannock Range8,037 ft337This peak is not in the book.
Goodenough Peak, also known as Peak 8037, lies southeast o ... read more
Peak 8037 as seen from Goodenough Peak. Photo - Steve Mandella. Peak 8037 by Margo MandellaBannock Range8,037 ft497This peak is not in the book.
Peak 8037 is located southeast of the city of Pocatello, I ... read more
Peak 7780 (Samaria Mountain)Bannock Range7,780 ft2400This peak is not in the book though the Samria Mountains are discussed on page 357.
Sama ... read more
John Evans MountainBannock Range7,420 ftThis peak is not in the book.
This mountain is the Pleasantview Hills (Mountains) highpo ... read more
Indian MountainBannock Range7,298 ft598This peak is not in the book.
There are 27 points of prominence in Idaho that utilize th ... read more
Rock Knoll east view, photo - Steve Mandella Rock Knoll by Margo MandellaBannock Range7,268 ft1288This peak is not in the book.
Rock Knoll sits south of Pocatello, approximately 5 miles ... read more
Kinport PeakBannock Range7,222 ftThis peak is found on pages 355 and 356.
Kinport Peak is close to Pocatello and is a popul ... read more
Peak 7140 from the north. Steve Mandella photo. Peak 7140 by Margo MandellaBannock Range7,140 ft360This peak is not in the book.
Peak 7140 sits south of Pocatello in the read more
Peak 7081, photo - Steve Mandella Peak 7081 (Gibson Mountain) by Margo MandellaBannock Range7,081 ft621Peak 7081, a.k.a. Gibson Mountain, is located south of Pocatello, approximately 1.8 miles east southeast of read more
Peak 7060, Bannock County. Photo - Steve Mandella Peak 7060 by Margo MandellaBannock Range7,060 ft534This peak is not in the book. 
Peak 7060 is located south of the city of Pocatello and ... read more
Peak 7047Bannock Range7,047 ftThis peak is not in the book.
Rick Baugher's Trip Report follows: For quite a while I ... read more
Slate MountainBannock Range6,980 ftThis peak is found on page 356.
Slate Mountain is a good early season training hike in t ... read more
Peak 6940 (New Point)Bannock Range6,940 ftThis peak is not in the book.
Rick Baugher provides the following report on the steepest ... read more
Peak 6582 (left) and Slate Mountain (right). photo - Steve Mandella Peak 6582 by Margo MandellaBannock Range6,582 ft442This peak is not in the book.
Peak 6582 lies approximately 3.8 miles due west of read more
Peak 6495. Photo - Steve Mandella Peak 6495 by Margo MandellaBannock Range6,495 ft355This peak is not in the book.
Peak 6495 is located in the read more
Peak 6472. Photo - Steve Mandella. Peak 6472 by Margo MandellaBannock Range6,472 ft332This peak is not in the book. Click on the photos to see a larger image.
Peak 6472 is lo ... read more
Peak 5762. Photo - Steve Mandella Peak 5762 by Margo MandellaBannock Range5,762 ft302This peak is not in the book.
Peak 5762 is located in the read more
BANNOCK RANGEBannock Range0 ftThis range begins just west of Pocatello, its main crest stretches southeast for 65 miles, ending near Weston, ... read more
Malad RangeBannock Range0 ftThe Malad Range iis a Great Basin limestone uplift that straddles the Utah-Idaho border. It is tucked into the ... read more
SAMARIA MOUNTAINSBannock Range0 ftThe Samaria Mountains are located on the Idaho/Utah border just west of 1-15. The range's high point is on read more
North Promontory RangeBannock Range0 ftThe North Promontory Range is an extension of the Bannock Range and, like the Samaria Mountains, is connected ... read more
Pleasantview HillsBannock Range0 ftI have grouped these mountains with the read more