North Promontory Range

The North Promontory Range is an extension of the Bannock Range and, like the Samaria Mountains, is connected to the Bannock Range by Approach routes for this section are referenced in the text by bracketed entries [Approach:], which include appropriate letter and number references. Primary access is gained from 1-15, which parallels the range for almost its entire length and crosses it at Malad Summit. US-91 provides access to east-side approaches in the southern end of the range. Additionally, county roads cross Garden Creek Gap and Mink Creek Summit west of Pocatello. Unfortunately, almost every trail in the Bannock Road is open to motorcycles. This small group of mountains is shown on the BLM’s Malad City land status map. All of the roads on the map are open to the public–but none of the roads have names. All witI require a 4WD when they are wet.

Mountain Range: Bannock Range

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