* Peaks listed in Elevation order; highest to lowest
PhotoPeak NameMountain RangeElevationProminenceYearDescription
Smoky DomeSoldier Mountains10,095 ft32751986Climbing information for this p2k peak is found on page 215.
This mountain with its two ... read more
Peak 9937 (North Smoky Dome Peak)Soldier Mountains9,937 ftThis peak is not in the book but is referenced on page 215.
North Smoky Dome rises 406 f ... read more
Iron MountainSoldier Mountains9,694 ft1998Iron Mountain is found on page 215. 
All of the routes to this peak involve long approa ... read more
Peak 3 aka Third PeakSoldier Mountains9,666 ftThis peak is not in the book.
Peak 3 aka Third Peak sits just east of read more
Peak 2 aka Second PeakSoldier Mountains9,529 ft
This peak is not the book.

The Soldier Mountain crest presents ... read more
Peak 1 aka First PeakAlbion Range9,147 ftThis peak is not in the book.
Peak 1 has 253 feet of prominence. It is the first peak ea ... read more
Couch PeakSoldier Mountains8,551 ft1996This peak is found on page 215.
Couch Peak will be overlooked by most because it's lower ... read more
Peak 8382 (Basque Peak)Soldier Mountains8,382 ft2016This peak is not in the book.
Basque Peak is located in the Sawtooth National Forest. Th ... read more
Cannonball MountainSoldier Mountains8,364 ft1999This peak is found on pages 215 to 216.
  ... read more
Peak 8238 (Gora Euzkotarak Peak)Soldier Mountains8,238 ft2016This peak is not in the book.
Peak 8238, also known as Gora Euzkotarak Peak, is located ... read more
Peak 8180 (Salt Creek Peak)Soldier Mountains8,180 ft2016This Peak is not in the book.
Peak 8180, also known as Salt Creek Peak, sits on the nort ... read more
SOLDIER MOUNTAINSSoldier Mountains0 ftThe Soldier Mountains are covered on pages 214 to 217. This rangee is located north of Fairfield, Idaho, at th ... read more