Deer Mountain 7931

Elevation: 7,931 ft
Prominence: 431

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Deer Mountain viewed from Peak 6412.

This peak is not in the book. Published July 2019

This attractive, bulky peak is located southwest of Iron Mountain and the main Soldier Mountains Crest. Deer Mountain forms the southern end of a ridgeline that descends in a southerly direction from Blue Ridge. This ridge is flanked by North Fork Lime Creek in the west and Middle Fork Lime Creek in the east. USGS Deer Mountain

Deer Mountain viewed from Peak 6412.

Deer Mountain as viewed from Peak 6412.


The summit can only be accessed via long approach hikes. There are two options. The northern approach is from Blue Ridge [(B)(2)(a) on Page 217]. The southern approach is from Hunter Creek. See the Southern Soldier Access page.


There are no reported climbs but the peak has no doubt been climbed.

Additional Resources

Mountain Range: Soldier Mountains

Longitude: -115.10009   Latitude: 43.49489

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