* Peaks listed in Elevation order; highest to lowest
PhotoPeak NameMountain RangeElevationProminenceYearDescription
Pot MountainNorthern Clearwater Mountains7,139 ftPot Mountain is found on page 63.
Pot Mountain is the highest point on the Pot Mountain ... read more
Moose ButteSouthern Clearwater Peaks7,122 ftThis peak is found on page 72.
The Forest Service maintains a web site for the trail tha ... read more
Black MountainNorthern Clearwater Mountains7,078 ftClimbing information for this peak is found on page 63.
Black Mountain, located in the C ... read more
South Butte by Ken JonesNorthern Clearwater Mountains6,994 ftThis peak is not in the book.
South Butte, the highest point of the Monumental Buttes, has ... read more
The northeast side of Crag Peak above Heart Lake. View is from the trail across the north face of Heart Peak. October 2006 Mike Hays Photo Crag PeakNorthern Clearwater Mountains6,879 ft1208Climbing and access information for this peak is found on page 62.
Crag Peak is located ... read more
Widow MountainNorthern Clearwater Mountains6,828 ftThis peak is found on page 60.
Widow Mountain is reached from the same trailhead as Look ... read more
Lookout MountainNorthern Clearwater Mountains6,789 ftThis peak is found on page 60.
The Forest Service states of this peak "Part of the Marble ... read more
Snow PeakNorthern Clearwater Mountains6,738 ft1984This peak is discussed on pages 60 to 62.
Snow Peak is a rugged summit worth visiting. T ... read more
Cold Springs PeakNorthern Clearwater Mountains6,731 ftThis peak is found on page 63.
Cold Springs Peak is found on the Pot Mountain Ridge comp ... read more
Scurvy MountainNorthern Clearwater Mountains6,691 ftThis peak is not in the book.
Scurvy Mountain is a fire lookout site in the Clearwater N ... read more
Larkins Peak from Crag Peak. Mike Hays Photo Larkins Peak by Mike HaysNorthern Clearwater Mountains6,661 ft521This peak is found on page 62.
Larkins Peak anchors the west end of the Mallard Larkins ... read more
Junction MountainNorthern Clearwater Mountains6,457 ftThis peak is not in the book.
This peak came to my attention thanks to the Hiking from H ... read more
Blackdome PeakNorthern Clearwater Mountains6,412 ftThis peak is found on page 62.
I have not climbed this peak although I did drive close b ... read more
Grandmother MountainNorthern Clearwater Mountains6,369 ft1983This peak is found on page 60.
Hike this peak and read more
Grandfather MountainNorthern Clearwater Mountains6,306 ft1983This peak is found on page 60.
This peak and nearby read more
Marks ButteNorthern Clearwater Mountains6,279 ft1984This summit is not in the book.
Marks Butte is named on the Grandmother Mountain USGS Qu ... read more
Bald MountainNorthern Clearwater Mountains5,334 ft1984This peak is found on page 60.
By my count there are 44 Idaho summits that incorporate t ... read more
Clarke MountainAlbion Range5,285 ftThis peak is not in the book.
Clarke Mountain sits above the North Fork Clearwater River ... read more
Moscow MountainNorthern Clearwater Mountains4,983 ft20931985Climbing information for p2k Moscow Mountain, the highpoint of the Palouse subrange of the Clearwater Mou ... read more
East Moscow MountainNorthern Clearwater Mountains4,721 ft1311984Climbing information for East Moscow Mountain, the lower eastern summit of the Palouse Range highpoint, Mos ... read more
Three Tree ButteNorthern Clearwater Mountains3,330 ft1983This peak is found on page 60.
When I hiked this peak in 1983, there was clear cutting i ... read more
Little Goat MountainsNorthern Clearwater Mountains0 ftThe Little Goat Mountains re a petite subrange of the Clearwater Mountains. The range is located north of Dwor ... read more
Hoodoo Mountains and the Palouse RangeNorthern Clearwater Mountains0 ftThis minor group of Clearwater summits is separated from the main body of Clearwater peaks to the east by the ... read more
Sheep Mountain RangeNorthern Clearwater Mountains0 ftThe Sheep Mountain Range is located northeast of the town of Headquarters and is situated inside a major bend ... read more