Moscow Mountain

Elevation: 4,983 ft
Prominence: 2,093

Climbing information for p2k Moscow Mountain, the highpoint of the Palouse subrange of the Clearwater Mountains, is found on page 60.

Moscow Mountain rises up directly north of Moscow, Idaho. The summit is not on public land and although access has not been historically restricted, continued public access is not guaranteed. At present, I have read reports that’s access to the summit is open to day use and that there are numerous mountain biking trails open to the public in the area. Always respect private property restrictions. I have included a links to (1) a 2015 trip report by Richard Carey with recent access instructions from the northwest and (2) the Moscow Area Mountain Bike Association’s website which contains excellent information on the trails it maintains in this area. While the MAMBA website does not have direction to the summit, it does have a lot of usable information.

Moscow Mountain.

Moscow Mountain.

To access the peak from ID-8 and Troy, Idaho. In Troy turn north onto the Big Meadow Road and then quickly turn left onto the Randall Flat Road. Follow this road for 2.0 miles to the Tamarack Road. The Tamarack Road climbs up to the top of a ridge in 4.0 miles where you will find a parking area. The road may or not be open past this point. When the road is open it is my understanding that is possible to drive to the summit with 4WD by following the Tamarack Road for just under a mile to the narrow Moscow Mountain Road. Follow this road for 0.6 miles where you will find a junction for the East Moscow Mountain Road. Continue west on the Moscow Mountain Road for roughly 0.4 miles where there is a junction on the left (south) at just over 4,500 feet. I believe this road is closed to vehicles but open to foot traffic.

It has been over 30 years since I climbed the peak. Please email me if you have more up to date access information.

USGS Topo: Moscow Mountain


Mountain Range: Northern Clearwater Mountains

Year Climbed: 1985

Longitude: -116.86879   Latitude: 46.80349


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