Moose Butte

Elevation: 7,122 ft
Prominence: 141

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Climbing and access information for this peak is on Page 72 of the book.

The Forest Service maintains a web site for the trail that accesses this peak. That site gives more detailed access information. USGS Moose Butte

The Forest Service describes the trail and access as follows:
From its junction with Dixie Wagon Road Trail #222 on Crooked Creek, the trail meanders through thick lodgepole stands and crosses a feeder stream of Dixie Creek. From here, the trail climbs steadily along several minor ridges for 2.5 miles to timber-covered Burpee Mountain. It drops into a saddle, then climbs out to a ridge. At about 4 miles from the beginning, Dixie Summit Trail #209 branches to the right (east).

Moose Butte Trail continues to run north along the ridge and around the head of West Fork Red River, a pristine unroaded drainage. Natural openings along the ridge offer good views. One marshy area forces the traveler to watch blazes to stay on the right track. These springs are the main stock water source on this trail. In the last 2 miles, the trail gradually rises to Moose Butte, which is covered with lodgepole and spruce stands, drops into a saddle, and ends at the junction with Porters Trail #508. Although not signed, there is an old pole corral and campsite here.

Usage: Light
Restrictions: None
Closest Towns: Elk City, Idaho
Water: Surface – must treat for drinking
Information Center: Red River Ranger District, 208-842-2245
General Information
Directions: From ID-14, turn south onto Red River-Dixie Road #222. Follow Road #222 for approximately 29 miles to the Dixie Wagon Road trailhead. The trail takes off just below the bridge over Crooked Creek. Follow Trail #222 north along the west side of Crooked Creek for 1.5 miles to the Moose Butte trailhead. Note: These 1.5 miles are on private land.

Additional Resources

Mountain Range: Southern Clearwater Peaks

Longitude: -115.4857   Latitude: 45.68271

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