Cherry Benchmark by Judi Steciak

Elevation: 7,739 ft
Prominence: 438

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This peak is not in the book. Published August 2021

Cherry Benchmark is located southwest of Liberal Mountain and west of Willow Creek. USGS Cannonball Mountain

Cherry Peak from the SW ridge of Buttercup Mtn. The long north ridgeleads to the summit on the far left. Judi Steciak Photo


Primary access is from US-20. From US-20 turn north onto N. 1000E. This road is located 16.0 miles west of the ID-75/US-20 junction. Follow N. 1000E north for 1.9 miles. Turn R/E onto E. 200N and follow it east for 1.4 miles. Turn L/R onto the Willow Creek Road, FSR-017. Continue north to the Wine Creek Road, FSR-096.

North Ridge, Class 2

Enjoy a nice walk along the North Ridge and observe how it delineates ecosystems: high desert sagebrush on the western slopes and alpine vegetation on the eastern slopes of the mountain. Native choke cherries probably lent their name to this summit and the creek across the valley to the east.

The most direct route to the N Ridge is to turn west from Willow Creek Road, FSR-017 onto Wine Creek Road, FS4-096. At the end of the road, you are faced with two unmarked trails, both with ‘No Motorized Vehicles’ signs. Walk up to the northernmost trail (the southern trail is for cattle access) which is FST-222 Wine Creek. Follow the trail until it approaches Wine Creek at the base of the N ridge. Leave the trail, head south and find a place to cross the creek (e.g., 43.484026 N, 114.649887 W). A network of game trails leads up steeply through the trees that survived the 2013 Beaver Creek fire and brush higher on the ridge. Once past these difficulties, enjoy your walk south with generally good footing over several bumps to the summit.

Or explore an alternative, longer, and less steep route. Continue walking on FST-222 Wine Creek to a saddle due west of Pt. 7,608. An abandoned unofficial ATV trail climbs east to the ridge.

Carl Hamke hiking up the north ridge. Judi Steciak Photo

Additional Resources

Mountain Range: Smoky Mountains

Longitude: -114.64579   Latitude: 43.45769

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