The Samaria Mountains are located on the Idaho/Utah border just west of 1-15. The range’s high point is on Samaria Mountain, which is 7,795 feet tall. The first Mormon settlers in this area adopted the name, which has its origins in Palestine. The Samaria Mountains are linked to the Bannock Range via a long spur ridge, known as the Blue Spring Hills, which runs north for nearly 30 miles to connect the two ranges. The range is administered by the Burley District of the BLM.

To approach this small mountain range, you will need the BLM’s Malad City land status map. The roads shown on that map are accurate. The only recommended approach route into this group is via the North Canyon Road, which is on thc range’s southern edge. This road, which can be approached by any number of roads from botti Idaho and Utah, connects with almost all of the numerous roads serving the range. The Gardner Canyon Road is a more direct route into the range, but is not recommended because it requires a 4WD. (Actually, all of these roads will require ‘a 4WD when wet.) While there are no hiking trails at present, the open nature of the terrain makes for good hiking on the ridge lines.

Mountain Range: Bannock Range

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