Kents Peak by Livingston Douglas

Elevation: 8,451 ft
Prominence: 71

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This peak is not in the book. Published November 2018

Kents Peak is a named, but unranked summit, that sits at the head of Kents Canyon. Kents Peak is a gentle hump at the south end of a summit ridge that includes the [higher] north summit, Peak 8540. There were no signs of previous ascent on Kents Peak. Unlike Peak 8540 just to its north, Kents Peak is not on the Bannock Divide and is located in Oneida County, not Bannock County. USGS Elkhorn Peak

North Ridge, Class 2


Same as for the northeast face of Peak 8540

The Climb

This route is part of a ridge traverse from Peak 8540 to Kents Peak (and back). From the summit of Peak 8540, follow the ridge crest south-southeast in open desert scrub on the left/east side of the ridge. This is somewhat tedious as the desert scrub is thick and there are no game trails. The ridge crest itself is clogged with trees, blowdown, and scrub. As you approach Kents Peak, the trees disappear and it is open scrub to the gentle, scrub-and-broken rock hump that is Kents Peak. Thankfully, the ridge traverse only entails a half-mile of effort.

The summit of Kents Peak showed no signs of previous ascent. I build a respectable cairn atop this overlooked, albeit unranked, summit using lots of loose talus nearby. This peak offers surprisingly nice views, largely due to its openness and lack of nearby trees. Kents Peak only rises 71 feet above its connecting saddle with Peak 8540.

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Mountain Range: Bannock Range

Longitude: -112.31349   Latitude: 42.31619

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