Peak 8037 by Margo Mandella

Elevation: 8,037 ft
Prominence: 497

Peak 8037 as seen from Goodenough Peak. Photo - Steve Mandella.

This peak is not in the book.

Peak 8037 is located southeast of Pocatello, almost 2 miles northeast of Scout Mountain in the Bannock Range. The summit can be reached in combination with Scout Mountain in a long day or more directly on its own from Walker Creek Canyon.

Walker Canyon Approach, Class 2+

Start of Peak 8037 climb. Photo - Steve Mandella.

The start of the Peak 8037 climb.  Steve Mandella Photo

Take Marsh Creek road south of Pocatello until you reach Walker Creek Road, which starts out paved and then turns to gravel. Travel west on Walker Creek road and take it as far as it goes until it ends at a parking area. If the road is not muddy, a two-wheel drive vehicle will suffice. The climb starts at a gate by the creek and follows a jeep trail.

There is a private landowner whose property you need to hike around on the jeep trail. The owner has installed warning signs and cameras, but we found the placement of a key sign at a fork by his property a little misleading. Basically, stay left at the fork. The trail switchbacks around the property as it ascends toward the saddle. When you get above the property, there will be another warning sign and camera.

Summit Block of Peak 8037. Photo - Steve Mandella.

The summit block of Peak 8037. Steve Mandella Photo

Continue up the trail which begins to narrow. Keeping an eye on the saddle area, follow the trail until it is necessary to go off-trail and head directly toward the saddle. When you reach the saddle, you will see the summit block of Peak 8037 to the east with its distinct, rocky South Face.

The summit block is the technical section of the climb. Approaching the block from the west (i.e., directly from the saddle) is easiest but it is still very steep, rocky and loose. Staying on the North Side as you get close to the top should keep you at Class 2+ and result in no technical climbing, but a little scrambling is still necessary to reach the actual summit. We didn’t stay to the north and, instead, ended up cornering around the Southwest Side of the block which resulted in an unexpected, short, exposed scramble (a couple of Class 3 moves) back to the North Side.

The summit of Peak 8037 with a view of Goodenough Peak in front of Old Tom Mountain. Photo - Steve Mandella.

The summit of Peak 8037 with a view of Goodenough Peak in front of Old Tom Mountain. Steve Mandella Photo



Views from the summit include nearby peaks Scout Mountain, Goodenough Peak and Old Tom Mountain to the south and the peaks of the Portneuf Range to the east.

Our Route

Peak 8037 Route from Walker Creek Canyon. GPS - Margo Mandella.

The route up Peak 8037 from Walker Creek Canyon. Margo Mandella GPS track

Additional Resources

Mountain Range: Bannock Range

Longitude: -112.32401   Latitude: 42.69889

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