Peak 7081 (Gibson Mountain) by Margo Mandella

Elevation: 7,081 ft
Prominence: 621

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Peak 7081, photo - Steve Mandella

Peak 7081 is located south of Pocatello, approximately 1.8 miles ESE of Rock Knoll in the Bannock Range. Peak 7081 is most easily accessed from the east. USGS Pocatello South

Summit of Peak 7081. photo - Steve Mandella

The summit cairn atop Peak 7081 with Rock Knoll in the background. Steve Mandella Photo


Peak 7081 is the highest point of the peak identified as Gibson Mountain. The map makers placed the name on the lower-elevation East Summit (6,775 feet) which only has 67 feet of prominence. Both summits are located off the same trail, and most people hike past the East Summit to the True Summit unaware that there are 2 summits.

From the Bannock Highway in Pocatello, take Gibson Jack Road west to where it ends at a large parking area. Use Gibson Jack Trail/FST-014 to access the Upper Gibson Jack Trail/FST-015. Follow FST-015 to approximately 6,938 feet and turn north, leaving the trail to reach the summit cairn. Class 2.

The GPS track shows a more sporty final approach. Follow the trail to approximately 6,270 feet, where a faint trail to the west leaves the main trail and ascends a slope. Climb this short, steep slope to the ridge and follow the ridge to the south, enjoying views to the west and a little exposure. Summit both Peak 7081 and nearby Rock Knoll via a loop route that uses Peak 7081’s ascent route and the Rock Knoll’s Gibson Jack – East Ridge Route for the descent. Please note that the GPS track shows an older approach from the parking lot to FST-015 that is no longer used.

Peak 7081 approach. GPS track - Margo Mandella

Gibson Mountain. Margo Mandella GPS track.

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Mountain Range: Bannock Range

Longitude: -112.4596   Latitude: 42.76729

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