Salmon Butte

Elevation: 5,389 ft
Prominence: 319

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Salmon Butte is located west of Rogerson, Idaho and US-93. This volcanic remnant on the South Edge of the Snake River Plain offers an easy, quick ascent and decent views, especially of nearby Salmon Falls Reservoir. USGS Salmon Butte

Take the paved Jarbidge Road west from Rogerson toward the dam. The road heads directly to the butte and then swings around its northern flank with a big, sweeping right-hand turn. A rough road leaves the pavement at this point. Pass through the gate onto BLM land and follow the road toward the summit. At the point where the road turns south toward a communications facility park, it is a short walk to the summit. In fact, it is a short walk even if you start at the gate. Class 1+.

Salmon Butte viewed from the east.

Salmon Butte as viewed from the east.

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Mountain Range: Snake River Plain

Year Climbed: 2016

Longitude: -114.72449   Latitude: 42.21349

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