Crater Butte

Elevation: 4,432 ft
Prominence: 157

This Snake River Plain feature is amazingly unknown to most Idahoans. While the butte has only 157 feet of prominence its massive crater is the largest I have visited in Idaho and dwarfs anything at Craters of the Moon National Monument. There are no signs pointing out the feature. Crater Butte is located east of Shoshone and north of Dietrich, Idaho.

Crater Butte is not very impressive when viewed from nearby Dietrich Butte. You have to go to the edge of the crater to experience its visual impact.

The crater is 300 feet deep and it would take a long time to walk around the rim. There was no spot where I could take a photo that would take in the entire crater. The following photo does give a bit of perspective by showing the crater’s northern wall.

The north wall of the crater.

Access the butte from the paved Dietrich Butte from either US-26/93 in the north or ID-24 in the south. This road goes past the butte’s eastern slopes. A 4WD road leads due west to the high point. Other 4WD roads circle the massive crater and descend into it. This is perfect terrain for mountain biking. Class 1.

Climber Trip Reports

Mountain Range: Snake River Plain

Year Climbed: 2017

Longitude: -114.26919   Latitude: 42.95629

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