Idaho County High Points by Andy Martin (Revised 2023)

Based on LiDAR data the high point for Nez Perce County is now on a different point on Craig Mountain. As a result it is likely that no one has actually climbed all of the Idaho County HPs.See Livingston Douglas’ article A New County High Point for Nez Perce County.  Updated December 2023

Out-of-staters Ken Jones and Bob Packard were the first to reach all the Idaho county high points. Dan Robbins was the first Idaho resident to reach the summit of all of Idaho’s county high points. Terri Rowe of Boise became the first woman to complete the list on August 6, 2019. As you will see from the table, it takes a lot effort, time, snacks and gas money to finish the list.

Andy Martin developed the earliest list of Idaho county high points. Since his original work, improved maps became available. We have updated the list below to incorporate the updated elevations found on the newer maps. Revised August 2018

The list of finishers includes:

Ken Jones, Bob Packard, Dan Robbins, Dennis Poulin, Adam Helman, Chris Anderson, Tony Wofford and Terri Rowe

Hiking the U.S. state high points is a popular activity and naturally leads to considering the next level of detail: the 3,140+ county high points. During the 1990s, lists were prepared that locate these points based on the USGS 7.5-minute maps. The book County High Points by Andy Martin,, includes all of these lists.

Hiking the counties of different Western States—AZ, CA, CO, ID, MT, NM, NV, OR, UT, WA and WY—makes an interesting goal and Idaho proved to be a challenge. The Idaho County High Point List was finally completed on Labor Day of 2001 by Ken Jones and Bob Packard. This leaves Montana as the only uncompleted Western State as of 2018.

High Points of Idaho’s 44 Counties

The Idaho high point list was composed by county high point guru Andy Martin. Please note that some of Idaho counties’ highest points are not ranked summits. The average elevation is 8,289 feet (364,705 feet in peaks/44 counties). The high points in the table are shown in order by elevation. I have linked the peaks that are found on this website to the peak’s page.

County High Point Elev. Location USGS 7.5′ MAP
Custer Mount Borah 12,662 6-N-23E Borah Peak
Butte Diamond Peak 12,197 2-9N-28E Diamond Peak
Blaine Hyndman Peak 12,009 ?-5N-19/20E Hyndman Peak
Lemhi Bell Mountain 11,612 36-11N-27E Bell Mountain
Clark Point 11220 east of Webber Peak 11,200+ 33-12N-31E Scott Peak
Boise Mount Cramer 10,716 19-8N-13E Mount Cramer
Elmore Snowyside Peak 10,651 ?-7N-13E Snowyside Peak
Fremont North Targhee Peak 10,420 ?-16N-43E Targhee Peak
Camas Peak 10337 10,337+ ?-6?N-15E Galena
Cassia Cache Peak 10,339 21-14S-24E Cache Peak
Bonneville Mount Baird 10,025 5-1S-46E Mount Baird
Bear Lake & Caribou Meade Peak 9,957 1-11S-44E Meade Peak
Valley Big Baldy 9,705 26-17N-10E Big Baldy
Franklin Peak 9484, locally known as Felt Hat Peak 9,484 29-15S-42E Egan Basin
Idaho Point 9439 9,439 7-29N-17E Mt. Jerusalem
Oneida Oxford Peak 9,282 26-13S-37E Oxford
Bannock Bonneville Peak 9,271 33-7S-37E Bonneville Peak
Teton Piney Peak 9,020 24-4N-43E Garns Mtn.
Adams Monument Peak 8,920+ 22-22N-2W Purgatory Saddle
Power Deep Creek Peak 8,748 13-11S-32E Deep Creek Peak
Owyhee Hayden Peak 8,403 23-5S-3W Cinnabar Mtn.
Madison Red Butte

Note: Two unnamed points over 8,080 feet lie near Red Butte.

8,108 20-4N-43E Temple Peak
Clearwater Rhodes Peak 7,930 35-39N-13E Rhoades Peak
Gem Peak 7971 7,921 1-13N-2E Tripod Peak
Washington Cuddy Mountain 7,867 35-17N-4W Cuddy Mountain
Twin Falls Point 7860 7,860 27/34-16S-12E Curtis Draw
Boundary Peak 7714 7,714 2-63N-2W Pyramid Peak
Shoshone Illinois Peak 7,690 33-43N-11E Illinois Peak
Bingham Blue Ridge aka Blackfoot BM 7,550 34-2S-39E Poison Creek
Bonner Scotchman Peak 7,009 21-56N-3E Scotchman Peak
Jefferson Point 6664

This point is part of Kelly Mountain

6,664 33-4N-41E Heise
Kootenai Latour Peak 6,408 8-47N-1E Twin Crags
Gooding This high point is located on the county’s north boundary. It has no rise and it is not a peak in any sense. 6,360+ 4-3S-13E Davis Mountain
Benewah Peak 6180 6,160+ 20-47N-1E Twin Crags
Ada Point 6020 6,020+ 22-4N-3E Robie Creek
Lincoln Peak 5950 5,950 3-3S-16E Thorn Creek Res.
Nez Perce Craig Mountain 5,353 29-32N-4W Frye Point
Latah Bald Mountain 5,320+ 34-43N-2W Emida
Minidoka Bear Den Butte 5,104 8-3S-25E Bear Den Butte
Lewis Peak 4795

Note: Two points 4,780 feet+ lie about 800 feet NE of spot elevation 4,795 feet.

4,795 23-32N-3W Hoover Point
Payette Point 4763

Note: Two points 4,760 feet+ lie on the east border of Section 4-9N-1W.

4,763 4-9N-1W Coonrod Gulch
Jerome This high point is located on the side of Kimama Butte. It has no rise and it is not a peak in any sense. 4,760+- 1-8S-21E Kimama Butte
Canyon Pickles Butte 3,084 21-2N-3W Givens Hot Sprs.


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