Webber Peak and the Clark County HP

Elevation: 11,220 ft
Prominence: 104

Climbing and access information for this peak is found on page 327. As you will find from reading Ken Jone’s route information set out below, the access for Scott Peak and Webber Peak has changed due to a road closure. Published April, 2018.

As note in the book Webber Peak is not a separate peak but instead it is the lower southern summit of Scott Peak. There is only 104 feet of to from the Scott Peak Webber Peak saddle. To complicate matters the highest point in Clark County is located just southeast of Webber. The high point’s elevation is 11,220 feet and there is only 40 feet of rise from the Webber Clark County HP saddle.

The Clark County High Point and Webber Peak from Scott Peak. Dan Robbins Photo

The Clark County High Point and Webber Peak from Scott Peak. Dan Robbins Photo

Clark County HP Map.

Clark County HP Map.

Contributor Ken Jones supplied the following route information:

Date: August 14, 2001

Drive: From Idaho route 28, take the DeLorme mapped “Nicholia Road” (signed on the ground to Nicholia Ranch) heading northeast from the bend about 5 to 6 miles north of the Lemhi/Butte county line. Follow this excellent dirt road about 3 miles to the base of the mountains and turn right on a road heading southeast (there was a sign lying on the ground here pointing to Italian and Scott Canyons). Follow the main track southeast (sorry, no road log, and there are some uncertain spots) about 4 to 5 miles to the Scott Canyon Road. The first major road heading into a canyon at a “Y” is Italian Canyon; keep right here. When you get to the Scott Canyon road you will pass several signs within a couple of hundred feet of the southeast trending road; these signs indicate “Scott Canyon”, “Targhee National Forest”, and “190” which is the USFS route number. If you don’t find them soon after the turn, you’re probably headed up Italian Canyon. Follow USFS road 190 to its end at 7700′ in Scott Canyon – a split-rail fence bars further driving, and the trail is signed “Closed to motorized vehicles”. You can probably get here in a passenger sedan in dry weather with careful driving, barring further deterioration of the road. Note: The USFS map and Tom Lopez’s book indicate that you can drive road 190 from Highway 28. This is no longer true – the route passed through a major spring area (apparently the source of most of the water in Birch Creek) which has been closed to motorized vehicles. We looked around on our way in and out, and think the Nicholia Road route is the best available today.

Hike: Follow the trail northeast beyond the fence (signed trail 006). In a bit under a mile you will reach a junction (7993 on the 1987 Scott Peak quad).

Note this spot for your return (trail 006 is obscure at this point, except for a small sign), and bear right. Follow the main (ATV?) trail to its highpoint on a ridge at 8,975 ft. From here, head cross-country (passing through the mouths of two canyons) to the ridge dropping southwest from Webber Peak. Head up this steep, rough ridge all the way to Webber Peak. It is high class 2 if you pick your way carefully. There is a spot at around 10,600 which is interesting class 3 if you don’t go around it – we’d recommend bypassing it to the east. At the summit of Webber Peak you will find a register. Turn right and head out to the Clark county highpoint, which is the closed contour about 500 meters east of Webber Peak (sighting and GPS work show that the small piece of 11,200+’ terrain at the county line is lower than the closed contour). You can stay on or very near the top of the ridge all the way. No register was found or left. (On your return, consider running the ridge the other way to Scott Peak, which is one of the highest prominence peaks in Idaho.) On the way down, we found it easier to drop into the canyon northwest of the ridge we’d ascended, once we were below the cliffs (~10,200′?). We were glad we hadn’t come up that way, though, due to the loose footing.

USGS Scott Peak

Mountain Range: Beaverhead Range

Longitude: -112.81059   Latitude: 44.34369

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