A New High Point for Nez Perce County by Livingston Douglas

Thanks to LiDAR, the Nez Perce County HP (Craig Mountain) is quite different from what the COHP enthusiasts have climbed. They drove right past the actual/new high point for Craig Mountain (and Nez Perce County).

The former high point was located about a mile west of the main ridge crest road and was measured (by map) at 5,380 feet. The highest point on the main ridge crest was 5,341 feet (by map). But LiDAR now says that Point 5341 is actually 12 feet higher (at 5,353 feet) and has a whopping 1,043 feet. It previously had prominence of only 201 feet. The old COHP is only 5,338 feet in elevation, according to LiDAR. Here’s the new Craig Mountain HP on LOJ:


The former high point (climbed by numerous climbers as per LOJ) is now only 5,338 feet, a significant 42 feet lower than previously estimated. It has only 188 feet of prominence versus 1,070 feet of prominence previously. This is probably the most dramatic change due to LiDAR that I have seen to date. Now all of the COHPers have to go back and re-climb Craig Mountain. Here’s the old COHP for Nez Perce County (now Point 5338, a meaningless hump):


The good news is that the new HP for Craig Mountain (and Nez Perce County) is a short bushwhack from the ridge road (see the 2023 trip reports on LOJ), much easier than the previous location. And, as of 2023, there are no access issues.