Missing Eleveners and New Routes by Judi Steciak and Carl Hamke

Editor’s Note.¬†Carl Hamke and Judi Steciak recently became the third and fourth climbers to summit all of Idaho’s peaks exceeding 11,000 feet. George Reinier, Johnny Roache were the first climbers to summit all of these peaks while Judi is the first woman to accomplish this exceedingly difficult task. The short article below summerizes their quest and lists the 11,000 foot … Continue reading

Idaho County Highpoints by Andy Martin

Dan Robbins was the first Idaho resident to reach the summit of Idaho’s county high point. As you will see from reviewing the list below, it takes a lot effort, time and gas money to finish the list. Hiking the US state high points is a popular activity, and naturally leads to considering the next level of detail, the 3,140+ … Continue reading