Brett Sergenian is the First to Climb the Highest 200

Brett Sergenian, aka exflatlander, climbed Hyndman Peak in mid-July 2015. It was his first peak on the list of Idaho’s highest 200 peaks. On September 5, 2021, he climbed Peak 10780. In between, he climbed another 198 peaks that ranged in elevation between 10,780 feet and 12,662 feet. Thus, in a time period of 2,244 days, he became the first person to climb all of Idaho’s highest 200 peaks. This massive accomplishment encompassed and followed his success in climbing all of the Idaho 11ers which he finished in August 2020. He was the 9th person to complete that list.

Brett related: “I wasn’t really thinking about doing the highest 200 peaks until January 2021 when someone mentioned the list to me and pointed out that I had climbed all but 32 of the highest 200.” As a result of this revelation, he set out to finish the list in 2021. Although, over the years, Brett had accomplices on some of his climbs, he climbed most of the highest 200 peaks solo. While his only technical climb was True Grit, he climbed new routes on many of the peaks and often linked up peaks with daring ridge traverses.

Brett just above the White Rock Traverse on True Grit

Brett’s 10 favorites climbs from the “Highest 200” list as follows in no particular order: Leatherman Peak from Sawmill Gulch, Roaring Peak (north ridge), WCP-10, Bell Mountain, Cobb Peak (the traverse between Cobb and Old Hyndman is one his favorite routes), Brocky Peak, The Fin, Gabriel’s Horn, Boulder Lake Peak and Hourglass Peak (Peak 10718). Additionally, he gives Honorable Mentions accolades to Mount Corruption (from Cleft Peak), Merriam Lake Peak, Castle Peak, Acropolis Peak, Rearview Peak (Peak 10860), May Mountain and Black and White Peak (from Little Diamond Peak).

While Brett is well known for his nonstop motor, endurance and drive, he deserves even more credit for his mental toughness and fearlessness. His more daring routes included the Cobb to Old Hyndman traverse (considered to be one of the hardest Class 4 routes in the Pioneer Mountains) and the USGS Peak to Mount McCaleb traverse which was likely the second time the route was utilized and the first time that route had been completed by a solo climber.

Brett has put in many long days climbing these peaks. He reports that his “biggest or most memorable slog” was his ascents of Mill Mountain and Buffalo Skull Peak. He decided to climb these peaks from Morse Creek on the west side of the Lemhi Range to save driving miles. His route encompassed 24 miles and over 10 thousand feet of elevation gain. It took him 16 hours as the trail on the map between Morse and Patterson Creek did not exist east of Fall Creek but he reports “plenty of deadfall and brush did exist.”

Another long day was a traverse with Haylee Stocking which took them over The Incredible Hulk, Second Peak, Third Peak, and Rust Peak. This day covered 17 miles with over 8,000 feet of elevation gain. At the end of the traverse, a thunderstorm forced Haylee and Brett to descend off Rust Peak quickly through soupy, soft snow on the warm Spring day.

As of September 21, 2021, Brett has climbed 692 Idaho peaks.

Brett leading the way up Breitenbach Pass. The beginning of our Triple to Corruption traverse. July 2021. Haylee Stocking Photo

Down-climbing one of the many towers on the base of the ridge to Mount Corruption. Haylee Stocking Photo

Brett approaching the summit of Mount Corruption. The final peak of our 3-peak traverse that included Triple Peak and Cleft Peak (plus soft-ranked Peak 10980). Haylee Stocking Photo

Brett on the summit of “Third” in the Lemhi Range. Starting from Meadow Creek, this traverse included Incredible Hulk, all the bases at the baseball field (Home, First, Second, Third) and ended with Rust Peak and a thunderstorm. May 2021. Haylee Stocking Photo

Nice mellow ridge walk from “Home” to “First.” Haylee Stocking Photo

Brett breaking trail for me somewhere between North Twin and South Twin in the Lost River Range. We also did Red Cone & Peak 10677. May 2020. Haylee Stocking Photo

A little scrambling during the North and South Twin traverse. Haylee Stocking Photo

Brett standing on Down East Peak in the Boulder Mountains. Our first planned 11er outing which included Window Peak. September 2019. We ran into each other on DBW in September 2018. Haylee Stocking Photo



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