Boise National Forest Fire Lookouts

Fire Lookouts are a great way to experience the mountain world. I just discovered a Boise National Forest brochure (linked below) that covers most of the existing fire lookouts on the forest and provides brief access information for each. (All of these mountains have pages on this website.) Fire lookout sites were chosen because of their commanding views. You will … Continue reading

An Overview of the Lookouts on the Salmon National Forest by Bing Young, 1982

The Blue Nose lookout is unlocked and in need of some serious repair work.

According to A History of the Salmon National Forest, by 1916 there were two lookouts on the SNF, at Blue Nose and Salmon City Peak (later given the name “Baldy“). It was assumed that most of the forest could be seen from these two points. Cathedral Rock, in the Bighorn Crags, was also used at times to see the Middle … Continue reading


For more on fire lookouts see the following articles: Boise National Forest Fire Lookouts  and An Overview of the Lookouts on the Salmon National Forest By the 1930’s the Forest Service had a goal to “put a firewatch on every mountaintop”. Idaho ended up with 989 fire lookout structures- more than any other state in the Pacific Northwest. Of southern Idaho’s … Continue reading