Bitterroot Peaks: Lookout Pass to Dry Creek Pass

There are 18 ID/MT “border peaks” along the Bitterroot Crest between Lookout Pass and Dry Creek Pass, just south of Little Joe Mountain. 6 of these peaks are on Pages 84-85 of the book. Trails and Forest Service roads provide access to many of these peaks. The most prominent access route is the State Divide Road which traverses this area providing access to all of these peaks. The peaks are listed from north to south. Peaks are either linked to this website or LOJ if I do not have a page for the peak. This list does not include Bitterroot peaks that are not located directly on the Bitterroot Crest.

The peaks in the list are formatted as follows: name, elevation/prominence rise

Runt Mountain, 5540/600,

Peak 6404, 6404/704,

Peak 5620, 5620/360,

Bald Mountain, 6025/525; Page 84 in the book.

Dominion Peak, 6032/132; Page 84 in the book.

Crittenden Peak, 6420/640; Page 84 in the book.

Peak 6260, 6260/360,

Quarles Peak, 6557/817; Page 84 in the book.

Wisehard Peak, 6380/400,

Craddock Peak, 6380/430,

Peak 6271, 6271/291,

Ward Peak, 7305/725; Page 84 in the book.

Peak 6634, 6634/414,

Flat Top Mountain, 6380/280,

Mile Post 168 Peak, 6300/520,

Black Peak, 6500/240,

Peak 7020, 7020/280,

Little Joe Mountain, 7100/800,