Monte Solaro, Italy (2015)


In May, Laurie and I arrived on the Isle of Capri for a 2-night stay. The island is located in the Mediterranean Sea south of Naples. The island first gained notoriety 2,000 years ago when it was a getaway for August Caesar. Nowadays, it is chic upscale destination for the rich, the famous and, of course, history buffs.

Monte Solaro (1,919 feet) is the highest and most panoramic point on the Isle of Capri. On a clear day, the view is amazing–stretching from the center of Capri to the Sorrento Peninsula on the mainland to the Galli Islands and the Gulf of Naples. While there is a restaurant on the summit (accessible via a chairlift), the trail to the top is an outstanding hike. The route begins in Upper Capri at the Via Axel Munthe. I turned onto the Via Salita and followed the road which soon becomes a trail uphill. The route is delineated by monuments for the Stations of the Cross.

The start of the hike is unmarked.

When the trail reaches a pass, a small subsidiary summit known as La Crocetta is marked by a large iron crucifix. The trail splits at this point. I took the right fork to the summit.

As you climb, the views of the Mediterranean open up.

The trail eventually narrows down to a single track.

Looking toward the summit from La Crocetta.

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