Tango Peaks

The Tango Peaks are a north south ridge found in the southeast corner of the eastern Salmon River Mountains north northeast of Stanley, Idaho. It includes Mount Loening, Last Tango Peak, Cabin Creek Peak and Red Mountain. Additionally, there is an unnamed peak comprised of┬áthree┬ádark rock towers that I call the The Black Tower that, as far as I know, … Continue reading

Peak 9610 (The Black Tower)

This peak is not in the book. The Black Tower is located due east of Cabin Creek Peak and just south of Crimson Lake in the Tango Peaks. I hate to admit it but on my two trips into the area, other than photographing it, I completely ignored it. Given the fine climbing I found on Cabin Creek Peak, I … Continue reading

Mount Loening

This peak is discussed on pages 129 to 130. This peak anchors the northern end of the Tango Peaks. It has the Knapp triangulation station benchmark on its summit and has also gone by the name Knapp Peak as a result. A class 3 route leads to the top but it is a long way to the peak from the … Continue reading

Cabin Creek Peak

This peak is found on pages 130 to 131. One of Idaho’s true hidden treasures, Cabin Creek Peak has only one known ascent. It is located north northeast of Stanley, Idaho on a ridge line sometimes identified as the Tango Peaks. Paul Bellamy, Dana Hansen and I made the first ascent of the peak on August 8, 1988 via the … Continue reading