Circling Squaretop Mountain, 1981


My first visit to the Wind Rivers took place on June 5th, 1981 when I visited the Green River Lakes. Squaretop Mountain towers over the south end of the lakes. The peak hypnotized me and I knew I had to return. In June the area above the lakes was still blanketed with snow so we explored the low country, observed moose, deer and elk on day hikes and vowed to return.

Squaretop Mountain.

We returned on July 2nd and spent five days hiking around Squaretop Mountain as we made a 34-mile loop trip. Our route took us past the Green River Lakes to the Porcupine Trail which we followed to Porcupine Pass, 10,700 feet. From the pass we descended down the New Fork River to a junction with the Clark Creek Trail at around 9,500 feet. We climbed up the Clark Creek Trail to Kenny Lake and then crossed an unnamed pass due south of Squaretop Mountain and west of Greeley Point. This area around the unnamed pass was all above treeline and a twisted, complex granite terrain. We had planned to climb Squaretop from the unnamed pass but the intervening terrain and isolated thunderstorms persuaded us to give up an attempt.

We dropped down to Clark Lake and set up camp and waited out the storms. The next day we continued down till we met the Green River and the Highline Trail which we followed back to Upper Green River Lake where we camped. On the final day we hiked back to the trailhead.