Mount Adams


Among the many Cascade Range volcanoes Mount Adams is second in mass to Mount Rainier. By any measure it is a big, complicated mountain. Most people climb its south side. The route is referred to as the South Spur or South Ridge. This route starts at the Cold Springs Campground, elevation 5,600 feet and climbs 6,676′ to the summit in just under six miles.

I climbed Mount Adams with Dana Hanson on August 30, 1986. Although a big,  glaciated peak it was a straight forward ascent up the south ridge. Here are a few photos from our climb.

The lower south ridge with a group attempting to take llamas to the summit

Midway up the south ridge.

There was a use trail on the lower slopes.

The day was mostly sunny with occasional clouds forming as the temperature rose.

Nearing the summit the view stretches on forever.

The summit.

Dana on the summit.

Mount Rainier in the distance.

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