Be Careful!


Climbing involves unavoidable risks that every climber assumes. The fact that a route is described on this website, or in the book, is not a representation that it will be safe for YOU. Routes vary greatly in difficulty and in the amount and kind of experience and preparation needed to enjoy them safely. Some routes may have changed or deteriorated since the book, and the website pages, were written. Also, of course, climbing conditions can change from day to day, due to weather and other factors. A route that is safe in good weather, or for a highly conditioned, properly equipped climber, may be completely unsafe for someone less conditioned, or for everyone under adverse conditions.

You can minimize your risks by being knowledgeable, prepared, and alert. There is not space in the book or on this website for a general discussion on climbing, but there are a number of good books and public courses on the subject. You should definitely take advantage of them to increase your knowledge.

Just as important, you should always be aware of your own limitations and existing conditions when and where you are climbing. If conditions are dangerous, or if you are not prepared to deal with them safely, change your plans. It is better to have wasted a few hours or days than to be the subject of a bad fall or rescue.

Climb safely and have fun!