Hoodoo Mountains and the Palouse Range

This minor group of Clearwater summits is separated from the main body of Clearwater peaks to the east by the Saint Maries River. The range is oval-shaped and runs from the river west to the Washington/Idaho border, north to Lake Coeur d’Alene and south to Potlatch. Hoodoo summits are low and rounded and for the most part forested. The highest … Continue reading

East Moscow Mountain

Climbing information for East Moscow Mountain, the lower eastern summit of the Palouse Range highpoint, Moscow Mountain of the Palouse is found on page 60. East Moscow Mountain sits roughly 1.5 miles directly east of Moscow Mountain. The summit is located on a sliver public land and accessed by roads that cross through private land. These access routes have not … Continue reading

Three Tree Butte

This peak is found on page 60. When I hiked this peak in 1983, there was clear cutting in the vicinity. There are now developed mountain bike trails in the vicinity. Use the link for the excellent Hiking from Here website below to find more recent information.   … Continue reading

Moscow Mountain

Climbing information for p2k Moscow Mountain, the highpoint of the Palouse┬ásubrange of the Clearwater Mountains, is found on page 60. Moscow Mountain rises up directly north of Moscow, Idaho. The summit is not on public land and although access has not been historically restricted, continued public access is not guaranteed. At present, I have read reports that’s access to the … Continue reading

Bald Mountain

This peak is found on page 60. By my count there are 44 Idaho summits that incorporate the word “Bald” in their name and 10 peaks named Bald Mountain. This one does not really have any features that make it stand out in this crowded field and as I note in the book, a road reaches the summit of this … Continue reading