North Fork Range

This Salmon River Mountains subrange is found in the extreme southwest corner of the Salmon River Mountains, above the confluence of the North Fork Payette River and the Payette River. ID-55 and the North Fork Payette River form the range’s western boundary, while the Middle Fork Payette River and South Fork Salmon River forms the range’s rather indefinite eastern boundary. … Continue reading

Packer John Mountain

This peak is not in the book. Packer John Mountain is located in the North Fork Range (a Salmon River Mountains subranges) east of ID-55. The peak has a long north-south summit ridge which was once the home of a fire lookout. The actual summit is farther south and almost 50 feet higher. Access and Routes (Class 2) The North … Continue reading

Scott Mountain

This peak is not in the book. Scott Mountain is an active fire lookout located in the southwest corner of the Salmon River Mountains in an area known as the North Fork Range. This is a rugged, wild area with many peaks ranging between 7,800 and 8,200 feet in elevation. Access to this area is via the Deadwood Reservoir Road described … Continue reading

Peak 3868

This peak is not in the book.  I traversed this small peak on the way to Garden Peak. I was an outing with John Platt to climb Garden as part of our training to attempt Denali. John, decided to ascend via the long ridge that begins at the intersection of ID-21 and the Payette River Road.  This route took us … Continue reading

Garden Mountain

This peak is not in the book because of nearby roads. However, before the snow melts it is a good peak to ski or snowshoe. I snowshoed up this peak with John and Tom Platt and Superman Brian in 2009. It is a long hike with a bunch of elevation gain when you start from Banks, Idaho. See John’s trip … Continue reading

Stolle Mountain

This peak is found on pages 116 to 117. This tree covered summit once held a minimalist fire lookout that evidently was no more than a few planks that the lookout could stand on to see over the trees. There was not much left of this setup when I visited the summit in 1988. I know there have been fires … Continue reading

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