The North Fork Range

Cougar Rock's east and north faces.

This Salmon River Mountains subrange is found in the range’s extreme southwest corner above the confluence of the North Fork Payette River and the Payette River. ID-55 and the North Fork Payette River form the subrange’s western boundary, while the Middle Fork Payette River form the range’s rather indefinite eastern boundary. The Warm Lake highway is the northern boundary and the Payette River and the Banks/Lowman Highway mark the southern boundary. The range stretches 40 miles from north to south between Banks and Warm Lake and has a maximum width of ten miles. East Mountain, 7,752 feet is the highest point. With only a few named summits in the range, it is best known for Cougar Rock, a spectacular granite dome visible from Warm Lake. The North Fork Range is covered in the book on pages 116 and 117.

Mountain Range: Western Salmon River Mountains

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